A focused, productive and passionate sales team is an achievable goal for any business that takes the time to understand where their offering sits in the market, and recognises the type of person that they will need in order to sell it successfully.

For my own business it is very important to give back and keep our sales guys motivated.

I believe my biggest assets are my people in my business, and as a sales director or director of my business, i can only influence my teams individual sales performances on two axis;

  1. Their skill set
  2. Their motivation

But motivation is far harder, its about individual, team-wide and organizational momentum. There are lots of external factors that affect motivation.

Every person responds differently to stress and adversity, and should be approached differently to get them to over achieve or break out of their “funk”

I’ve also used the following 10 strategies in my years as a leader to successfully motivate my team and drive motivation through the roof;

  1. Build trust with the people on my team
  2. Ask your direct reports how they like to be managed
  3. Understand your direct reports personal and professional goals
  4. Set daily, weekly and monthly goals
  5. Leadership
  6. Contests
  7. Recognition
  8. Ability to give back
  9. Opportunity
  10. Money

By Kobus Tosen – July 26, 2017