Wow, how fortunate am I, to be able to contribute to kids lives again. Last year December myself and my wife decided we want to give back again to those less fortunate. This time around, we decided to spend our time and money on The Gracia Child and Youth Care Centre in Pretoria North. The most amazing women I have ever met runs this whole Organisation, Trudie Henderson. This women was literally sent from above. They care currently at this home for over 80 kids, ranging from 3 years old up to about 21 years old. And the impact that Trudie has on these kids is absolutely amazing.

On the 7th of December we decided to spend our afternoon with this home to give back. We arranged Roman’s Pizza for Lunch for the kids and bought each child a small gift, as well as contributed towards their monthly groceries needed at the home.

This charity drive, is something so close to my heart. Because I have always said, those kids did not ask to be in the positions they are in today. And if I can spend some time there just showing those kids they are loved, that would make me feel better. As they say every little bit helps.

My plan for this home, is to help them on a monthly basis wherever necessary and to visit the home at least twice this year again before December again.

Thank you to my awesome team at CCL Global who helped me with this awesome project!

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