I, Kobus Tosen had the privilege of being asked to assist a children’s home in the Pretoria North area, one of my sales managers that works for me actually approached me with this project as she knows homes such as these are very close to my heart!

This specific home has currently 84 children from the ages of 4 up until 18 years old. The ladies behind this project just absolutely blew me away, the passion, the kindness and the good heart these ladies have is really an example as to what others should follow and learn from.

We went to visit Gracia Children’s home on Wednesday the 17th of October 2018, Trudie was our contact there. She showed myself and a few of my staff members around and talked us through their home and where she started everything. I was immediately drawn in by what all she had to say!

Walking through that home and seeing the faces of some of those kids, really broke my heart. I always say, those kids didn’t ask to be put in that situation and that is what makes the whole situation even more heart breaking.

The week leading up to our visit at the home, we got a grocery and requirements list from the home, just as an indication as to what the home needs on a monthly basis, so my wife went to Makro and bought the necessary items and some extra “spoils” to give to the kids!

Wednesday the 17th of October 2018, has changed my life forever. Each of those kids have left a imprint in my heart and i will forever moving forward support this home however and when ever i can.

We treated them all (all 84 kids) with KFC for supper, which after we had left, i had received photo’s from Trudie of the kids enjoying their KFC! Its the small things in life that matters!

The little that i could help, made me feel like a better person! Giving back is what i enjoyed the most.